Online Therapy

  • Also known as tele-therapy, e-counseling, and cyber-counseling, online therapy has experienced an ongoing growth in popularity over recent years.

  • Works in a similar way to typical therapy - you get the same treatment as you would in person, the only difference is that it’s accessed over a computer!

  • If you've ever used Skype or FaceTime on your computer or phones, you've used the same type of technique tele-therapy uses.

  • With online therapy, you can get therapy without traveling to an office. Connect from the comfort of your work, home, or anywhere you have a quiet space and a good internet connection.


traditional therapy

  • In-Office, and on location therapy services.

  • For those who prefer in-person interaction.

  • Some clients prefer body language and vocal tone to effectively communicate with a therapist.

  • Online therapy is not for everyone.

  • With traditional therapy, you get the office environment and the act of setting aside a specific time and on location place for therapy.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBS) health insurance is accepted.

  • I believe in affordable care, so I do offer affordable sliding scale fees for cash/credit pay clients.