Wonder Woman/I Am That Girl

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for superheroes... and I’ve always had the best of friends who have supported (...enabled) this love by sending me anything & everything superhero related - I.e. pics, videos, gifs, etc. whenever they come across them. However, today, one of my best friends out did herself by sending me the cutest Wonder Woman/Female Empowerment themed picture!!

Not only was the image a Wonder Woman themed/female empowerment picture, but it ended up being designed by artist, @kimothyjoy in collaboration with one of my newest favorite non-profit organizations, @iamthatgirl 

The image is being sold as a limited edition poster print out & 10% of sales go towards @iamthatgirl’s program development!! How amazing is that?!

Now, you all know I had to go ahead & order one for myself, but I thought I would share their Instagram handles & links to their pages for anyone else interested in reading about 'I Am That Girl' & supporting this amazing cause as well!


Link to order your own poster & support the cause: 


Link to read more about I Am That Girl & what they're about: